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HengstlerEncoders.com is based in the UK, working in partnership with Hengstler GmbH, one of the world's leading manufacturers of Rotary Encoders, part of the Danaher Group.

Shaft encoders can be anything from simple devices for measuring angular position, to high tech precision components that translate rotational movement into position, speed and direction using multi-bit technology with Fieldbus interfaces. Hengstler encoders comprise one of the largest product ranges available.

This web site has been set up as showcase and gateway to our main Encoder Company website. The Encoder Company will supply all Hengstler encoders, on short delivery from the UK. The Encoder Company and it's website supports all Hengstler Encoders with technical advice and technical data.

There are direct links from the products on the HengstlerEncoders.com website to more detailed pages and support material at The Encoder Company.